Further Education

All medical experts are obliged to life-long learning. This is why asep, together with swissYPG, is part of the committees ReWOP (Revision of Further Eductation in Officinal Pharmacy) and KWFB (Commission for Further Education) to ensure that the voice of (future) trainees is heard.

Further education after university studies depends on your interests. Research? Community pharmacy? Hospital pharmacy? There are many different paths you can pursue.

Foederatio Pharmaceutica Helveticae and other Certificats:

– FPH Offizinpharmazie/Pharmacie d’officine

– FPH Spitalpharmazie/Pharmacie hospitalière

– Fähigkeitsausweise/Certificats de formation complémentaire: Vaccination and Blood Sampling, Pharmaceutical Care of Institutions in Healthcare, Clinical Pharmacy, Consultation Pharmacist Ambulant Drug Prescription, Integrated Care Models, Classical Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Veterinary Pharmacy

University Continuing Education:

MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)

DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies): Hospital Pharmcy…

CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies): Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals – From Research to Market, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry/Radiopharmacy…

PhD Thesis – Are you interested in research and enjoyed your Master Thesis? Consider a PhD position in academia or industry! With both MSc Pharmacy or MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences you are qualified for a PhD Thesis.