What is asep?

asep, the Swiss pharmaceutical students’ association, is an umbrella organisation for the local pharmaceutical students’ associations in Switzerland. Our aim is to connect all students and prepare them for their professional life, while advocating for public health and study-related topics. By this, we hope to complement the university education and to build a strong network between students and professionals.

Throughout the year, we organise events at the different universities, online workshops and lectures and information campaigns on our social media. Furthermore, we are active on the European and international level, where we represent the Swiss students and invite everyone to join our delegation.

And, most importantly, we have the National Pharmaceutical Students’ Weekend (NPSW) taking place every year in autumn. More than 150 students from all over Switzerland attend this legendary event to participate in workshops, trainings, and, of course, the parties!

Feel free to stop by any of our events, we look forward to meeting you!

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