Assistantship Period

The assistantship period is part of the Master studies. This internship in pharmacy allows you to discover the practical aspects of working in a pharmacy, in addition to consolidating your knowledge and skills acquired at university.

The documents required for the internship (contract, list of training pharmacies, assistantship guide, etc.) are available on the pharmaSuisse website.

Depending of the University, the assistantship period lasts between 25 and 30 weeks. The main part is done in a community pharmacy and a shorter part (optional internship) can be done in a hospital pharmacy or other institution. 

The durations and terms of the different parts are set by the universities, which have full responsibility for the year of assistantship. 
For more information, visit their websites :

  For more information, please consult the pharmaSuisse website.

What about asep ?

asep is part of the AGAF (working group for assistant year and famulatur) of pharmaSuisse. AGAF aims to improve the assistant year and the famulatur based on feedback and the experiences of students. If you would like to give feedback and share your experiences please do so using the evaluation form. Thank you for your help!