Some informations


Switzerland was part of the founding countries in 1949.


We are proud to be part of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) which means that as a Swiss pharma student, you have free access to IPSF.


The IPSF represents over 500’000 students from over 100 countries worldwide.


The focus is on Public Health, Pharmacy Education, and Professional Development. Many skills that you will need in for your career.

Quick overview

  •  Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

    which allows you to do internships in more than 80 countries. See more.

  • Projects and competitions

like the Patient Counselling Event, Clinical Skills Event and Industrial Skills Event, but also soft skill workshops and training. See more

  • The IPSF World Congress  

the biggest gathering of pharmaceutical students worldwide and can definitely be a life-changing experience! Ask questions or be updated for more.

  • Contact Person

the connection between asep and IPSF. The CP is responsible for forwarding you IPSF’s opportunities and for representing you at the European Regional Assembly and the General Assembly.

For the mandate 2022, our CP is Valentine. If you have any questions concerning the position itself or IPSF, she is happy to answer them! You can reach her via

Cover picture of the 2021 World Congress at Seoul