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Why Study Pharmacy?

Diverse Field – Whether you would like to work in a pharmacy, pursue an academic career or make your way through the pharmaceutical industry. There is something for everyone. More information about your possibilities here and here.

Pharma Paradise Switzerland – Switzerland is a great place to work as a pharmacist. With the established medical system community pharmacists serve as a gateway to care and have extensive competencies like diagnosis and therapy of common diseases and vaccination. And of course, Switzerland is known for its pharmaceutical industry and academical prowess.

Better Together – Become an active member in one of the student associations or asep and profit from forming many long lasting connections, tips & trick from older peers and much more. Everything is easier more fun together!

Study Programmes:

Different universities offer studies in pharmaceutical sciences. The curriculum is divided into 3 years of bachelor studies and 2 years of master studies. Follow the links for further information.

Bachelor programmes:

Master programmes:

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Interested? Contact asep, your local student association or the respective universities directly if you have any questions regarding your studies or are in need of help!