Our Structure

asep’s highest decision making body is the General Assembly (GA) where all our members are invited and have voting rights. This is where important decisions such as statute changes are made and the plan of action is discussed. The GA takes place once a year during our NPSW and is a great way to learn more about asep and its work.


Four times a year, we also have the Delegates’ Assembly (DA) with representatives of our member associations, currently APV (Zurich) and fg Pharma (Basel). Here, elections take place, updates on the work are given and current hot topics discussed. All students can join the DA to see what asep does or to start their path into this association.


Lastly, most of the ongoing work is done by the Team, consisting of the Executive Committee (ExCo) and Coordinators. We are divided into different departments that all focus on a different aspect of asep’s work. They come up with new ideas for projects, how to increase asep’s impact and how to engage more students.


Here, you can see asep’s structure with all its departments and positions. Contact us anytime through info@asep.ch if you have questions!


What do the departments do?

Politics & Education Department
The P&E Department is responsible for asep’s external representation. They represent us, so all pharmaceutical students in Switzerland, towards other organisations and stakeholders from industry, community and hospital pharmacy. And of course, the aim is to build up a network from which all students can benefit and to create opportunities to prepare you for life as a pharmacy student or professional.

Events & Training Department
The E&T Department organises different events for you. These can range from apéros, networking events and talks with professionals to soft skills trainings and workshops about current hot topics. Be sure to join the events to connect with other Swiss students and look beyond the horizon.

International & Exchange Department
In the I&E Department, all international activities are coordinated. asep is member of EPSA, the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, and IPSF, the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, and represents our interests regarding international policy, professional competencies or new initiatives for students. Both associations offer a wide range of events and congresses, as well as exchange programmes. Check them out!

Public Relations Department
The PR Department coordinates the promotion of asep and its activities to students, both online and through merch. They design our posts and goodies, share them and try to reach as many students as possible.

Public Health Department
As the name suggests, the PH Department educates students about public health topics. They do this through online campaigns, podcasts or during events. The topics range from mental health to planetary health and their impact on our lives.