The TWINNET between the pharmacy students of the Netherlands and students from ETH Zurich in Switzerland made possible a fun exchange with a lot laughter, beer and unforgettable moments (but not so much sleep).

Dressed all in orange we travelled from Zurich to Leiden, where we were warmly welcomed by the organising committee. Afterwards, we enjoyed delicious pizzas and met our lovely hosts. Soon later, we prepared us for the Dutch themed party which mostly included drinking à la hollandaise. With a suitable blood level of ethanol, we biked (which we were already capable of before!!!) to the pub. Then the party started, but honestly, we don’t remember much. But probably it was amazing.

The next morning, life was difficult. We visited an anatomy museum full of pathological preparations challenging our GI tracts. Also, we learned about differences and similarities of the (bio)pharmacy studies at the three Dutch universities. This way we discovered the affectionate competition between Leiden, Groningen and Utrecht. After lunch we went on to explore Leiden and found stunning windmills, sweet grachten and delicious stroopwaffels. During the scavenger hunt through Leiden, we had to solve a mysterious murder case. Sadly, our group was too tired and didn’t find out…

After a refreshing nap or refreshing beverages, we ate a ton of pannenkoeken which also challenged some GI tracts. With full stomachs and totally satisfied we went on a pub crawl. Funnily, one pub not only had its own cat, it also had swings as barstools. Afterwards, we went clubbing in De Kroeg where the DJ had a peculiar taste in music. But still, the atmosphere was great and last highlight of our weekend in Leiden.

In the morning we said our goodbyes and were already extremely looking forward to the Dutchies visiting Zurich.


By: Rebecca Neeser and Aljoscha Goetschi


More informations about the TWINNET project HERE

Dressed to impress – the students from ETH Zurich on their way to Leiden.

All participants of the TWINNET with bellies full of pannenkoeken.

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