After waiting several months, the time had finally come to visit Zürich, something we had been looking forward to since our Swiss friends had left the Netherlands in October. We were warmly welcomed with drinks, delicious appetizers and a guided tour in Dr. Bähler Dropa. After this ‘apero’, we had a few (read: many) drinks at our host’s place before we went to a club in the Langstrasse. Despite of the surprisingly high prices, we had an amazing evening and danced a lot to the great music. When and how exactly we went home I can’t remember, but for certain we had a lot of fun.

The next morning started at ETH, the beautiful building where the pharmacy students from Zürich have their classes. Here we had a very entertaining presentation by the organizing committee and a tour through the stunning building. After lunch we had some spare time to walk through the city centre, buy some Swiss chocolate and climb a huge amount of stairs to get to the top of the Grossmünster and admire the amazing view over the city, the lake and the mountains. Back at ETH, we listened to a short presentation by Zeller Söhne, made some doubtful combinations of tea ‘’helpful for hangovers’’ and had a good laughter while presenting those to each other. In the afternoon we did an amusing Bierlauf in the park, which was even better than they had promised us earlier in the Netherlands. Arriving at the campus, we found the most delicious cheese fondue being prepared in a cozy room with football and pool tables. This could only end in an amazing Swiss Party! Later in the evening, some of us went out in the city center again.

On Sunday morning, still a bit tired, we enjoyed the brunch. Afterwards, we said goodbye to our hosts and thanked them for the amazing weekend. I can say with all my heart that the TWINNET was a great experience!


By: Marleen Joustra, 3rd year Pharmacy student in Utrecht

More informations about the TWINNET project HERE

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