💕October – Breast cancer awareness month 💕

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers if not the most common cancer among women all around the world affecting both developing and developed countries. Being prevalent mostly in women of older ages (50 and above), breast cancer has many risk factors that can be divided into those that are modifiable (lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity) and fixed or non-modifiable (age, biological sex and genetics). As with every other cancer, this cancer has several stages each of which can be detected with varying levels of prognosis. Those detected at later stages tend to lead to lower survival rates than those diagnosed early on, depending on the general incomes of countries. According to estimations in 2011, around 508’000 women died from breast cancer with incidence rates of 20-90 per 100’000 women.
The Breast cancer awareness month takes place in October with the goal of raising public awareness as well as reducing stigma around breast cancer through information on prevention, symptoms, early detection, palliative care and therapies. All this with the hopes of encouraging earlier testing and more funds that can be used into research for a cure.
Join us in showing your support to the cause by sending us a photo of you dressed in pink or with a pink ribbon!

For more information, check out the WHO report on breast cancer below: