The Swiss delegation arrived in Belgrade on Tuesday, where we were very warmly received by the helping team.

The first night, the opening ceremony started in the faculty of pharmacy and the party was taken to a club afterwards.

On Wednesday we had symposium and only workshops and trainings. That night, the Serbian Night was in a classy venue. The colour theme was white, red and blue like the Serbian flag! A group of traditional dancers showed us the Serbian way and invited us to try the dance with them (trust me, it’s hard).

On Thursday, the day was full of GA, workshops and trainings. We had a lot of fun on International night. We brought some Schnapps, Rivella, Toblerone and some cool swiss army knife chocolates that you could win by answering 5 questions about Switzerland. Everything was gone in a snap of a finger. As you can see, we also had condoms and stickers from our public health campaign on STIs.


On Friday, we did some sightseeing (did you know the trams in Belgrade were offered by the city of Basel?). The reception committee had organised a booklet with tasks to complete and pictures to take in different spots.

That night, we went to the theme party: « Welcome to the Jungle ». After a late-night walk through Belgrade, we decided to stop for some traditional (and heavenly) Burek!

Finally, on Saturday, we felt like zombies, but made it through the program thanks to coffee and chocolate. The last night was the Gala: nice food, nice drinks, nice clothing. We were joined by our alumni and had the best time!

In all and for all the event was amazing, the workshops and trainings allowed us to learn a lot, the GAs were fruitful and the parties amazing!

In hopes to see you guys in the next event.

Love, asep.


By: Horia Hashimi


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