Our Vision

Our vision is to connect and represent pharmaceutical Students in Switzerland nationally and internationally and providing them with an empowering platform for networking, interprofessional exchange and self-development and therefore contributing to public health.



General Assembly (GA)
All Swiss Pharmacy students are members of asep and therefore have the opportunity to participate in the GA.
The GA, taking place once every year, can decide upon changes of the statutes and an action plan.

Delegates Assembly (DA)
The collective members – the local associations – are represented in the delegates’ assembly, where each can send their delegates to participate.
This institution elects the executive board and coordinators and supervises the actions.
The delegates assembly takes place three to four times a year.



The executive of asep is devided in the president, the executive committee (ExCo) and their respective coordinators (Coord).



Auditing committee (neutral body)
Audit the finances at the end of the year.