BUEX in Geneva

par Viktoria Gastens | 9 avril 2017

Every year the Dutch „Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen“ students from Leiden venture into the world to experience pharmaceutical sciences abroad in all its aspects. This programme is called BUEX (buitenlandexcursie) and allows the students to spend up to a week off schedule to visit academic and industrial points of interest abroad.

After a 12 hours bus ride, 29 Dutch students arrived in Geneva at 9 am on Friday. Highly motivated they were treated to a guided tour about the World Health Organisation in the Palais des Nations. The asep board member for International and Exchange, Luc, organized the following two days in Geneva.

To welcome the delegation appropriately, I departed in Zurich at 5 am and arrived at the Centre Médical Universitaire in Geneva at 9 am to find a group of handsomely dressed young women and men. Feeling a little underdressed, I held a welcome pitch and gave a short overview of asep.

In a freshly renovated lecture room, Professor Allémann, vice president of the pharmaceutical sciences department at the University of Geneva, presented the study programmes and one of his research projects as an example of what Swiss pharmacists can achieve. Afterwards, he guided us through student and research labs alike to give us a glimpse about the daily life at the uni. In the end, his hard work was paid in stroopwafels as Dutch tradition commands.

To round the day off, Luc showed the delegation around Geneva and introduced them to the pleasures of Swiss cheese fondue. Thank you all for participating!


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